Have you ever had this?

You are getting ready to go out or you are just in a rush in general and you get that phone call. The first word might be slightly different but the rest is the same

“mum, I have forgotten my keys, can you drop them off?”

Feel free to change mum to your name, baby, if you get someone really cool, you might just get a ummm,

Thats what happened to me this morning, I wasn’t feeling great anyway.

I had woken up late and it had thrown my routine completely out. So my anxiety was sky high and the worse it got the less I did till eventually I had to convince myself to go have a shower and then see how I felt afterwards.

For monkey then to phone to say he didn’t have his keys was bad timing. I think any other day, it would have been a fine, I will drop them off, which tbf is what I said, meanwhile my head was going, I cant do it, I can barely leave the house at the moment, he will be fine, he can sit outside till I get home.

I did get there and drop them off, but the effort it took was phenomonal, I am hoping this is just a blip and my anxiety is not planning on a flare up.

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5 Responses to Have you ever had this?

  1. Ha yes. It always feels like the worst timing. This was funny. Good read.

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  2. Simon says:

    Fingers crossed you’ll be good 🙂

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Hopefully it was just a bad day! 🙂

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