And relax

My sleep still seems to be a bit fucked, which is making weekends a bit more difficult than I would like. I was up at 5am on Saturday, I then fell back to sleep at just before 12, waking up a few hours later starving.

But we are working round that at the moment, I am trying to spend lots of time with Monkey, next weekend, we are going to be playing, what do you want from Santa and what can he afford. I am hoping to get a lot of good ideas, as I do not have a clue what to get him, I know the normal lego, lego, pokemon cards, some more lego, something to do with minecraft.

I do know clothes is going to be top of the list, not very exciting, but hopefully useful.

Sunday, we had my stepson round, so I just pottered about while they played and chatted. I did manage to give both bedrooms a really good clean though and they looked and felt better.

Now for another week. I hope your weekend was good.

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