Office Politics

I have never had to deal with this before, not having worked in an office before.

I get little bits of gossip every now and then, sometimes they come with a warning, not tell anyone.

The problem is, they are usually about people I dont know, so I get very confused.

Sometimes its about someone I do know, the thing is I dont really want to get involved, I have found there is a very thin line, between being social and then striking up friendships.

I am not sure if I do want to strike up friendships, but some of them do have lovely friendships, they go out together, go to the cinema, do that sort of thing, I am just not sure how involved i want to get in that and also whether I will have anything to talk about, most of the people I work with are half my age, just starting out.

At the moment, I have found, when it looks like the politics are starting, I sit and go, I have a pretty spreadsheet, lets see how long this lasts

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2 Responses to Office Politics

  1. I actually have discovered that saying ‘I am working really hard to avoid negatives and wish to surround myself in positivity’ tends to shut down any gossip that people are trying to share. If I do not want others to talk about me I will avoid talking about them. I sound so high and mighty but I am not because I am still bloody failing with trying to exclude the negativity that others like to spew around me. And I still get tetchy too with all the morons I deal with so it is never ending but I get to say it at least. 🙂 Have an awesome day!

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