I dont feel I am keeping up with things

I find that I am juggling lots of balls at the moment, especially with my partner being off ill, it means everything has fallen to me this week.

But even before then, it was getting tough, I was keeping up with the cleaning, working, dinner etc, but it did mean I didnt have a lot of time for friendships, at the moment, I am also still so tired, from having to deal with people all day, although I think they are now getting the impression that I dont want to chat as much, so its going down, but its all day every day in with people near me.

The thing is I know my friends dont mind, but I do. At some point, I will get into a real decent routine, where I am not so exhausted with dealing with people

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7 Responses to I dont feel I am keeping up with things

  1. Just remember you have gone from having tons of private quiet time in which to have your decompression from being around so many people and their energies bouncing off of yours. Please give yourself a break. Trying to juggle everything all at once is a lot to take on. You will find your routine and everything will work out. For now though when you start to feel a bit like things are out of control picture a tiny me on your shouder cheering you on (I am told that it brings about a great deal of laughter) while also shooting lasers from the eyes or flames from the mouth at those who have annoyed you. 🙂 You are doing amazing give yourself permission to not be the Queen of it all. Not yet at least.

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  2. Cyranny says:

    I’m totally with Jay-lyn here…. Don’t put too much pressure on your own self. You have taken huge steps in your life recently, and you should be incredibly proud of yourself! Take time to get used to the new routine and you will find your new “normal” 🙂 Love you!! xx

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  3. You are doing amazing things! You’re Working! Please give yourself a couple of months to adjust. xo R

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