Lets see how it goes

I did it, I found a good deal and got myself a laptop.

It had a smaller screen than I originally thought, but apart from that I seem to be getting on well with it, my fingers are still trying to do things, that I was doing on the last one, but I think time will sort that.

Its blue, I couldnt find a purple one, but it was just under half price, so that made me happy. Now to do the rest of my Christmas shopping, since I have mine

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12 Responses to Lets see how it goes

  1. Catch the Words says:

    Congratulations, and may it bring you joy everyday. Cheers!

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  2. zdunno03 says:

    Enjoy your present to yourself.

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  3. Simon says:

    As long as you have yours then the world is in a good place 😉

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