Where in the World: Southern Africa

Again with my disclaimer, that the way this has been decided, is, me drawing a line through the whole of Africa at about the half way point, so geographically, politically and culturally, it probably is wrong. 24 countries in all, lets see if I am still there with them all

  1. South Africa 2. Kingdom of Lesoths 3. Madagascar 4. Kenya 5. Congo 6. Democratic republic of congo 7. Tanzania 8. Comoros 9. Seychelles 10. Soa Tom and Principe 11.Zambia 12. Zimbabwa 13. Angola 14. Uganda 15. Eswatini 16. Gabon 17. Malawi 18. Botswana 19. Rwanda 20. Eq Guinea 21. Burundi 22. Mozembique 23 Mauritias 24. Nambia

I think I got them all, due to the laptop I am using, I am finding doing posts more difficult at the moment.

  1. Sao Tome and Princeiple 13. Malawi
  2. Eq Guniea 14. Mozambique
  3. Gabon 15. Nambia
  4. Rep of Congo 16. Botswana
  5. Democratic Rep of Congo 17. Zimbabwa
  6. Rwanda 18. South Africa
  7. Brundi 19. Kingdom of Lesoth
  8. Uganada 20. Eswatini
  9. Kenya 21. Madagascar
  10. Tanzani 22. Comos
  11. Angola 23.Seychells
  12. Zambia 24. Maurutias

Still doing well, and depending on what country I look at tomorrow, I might have to look at doing a whole tour of Africa.

Next week we are off to western Asia

If you want to see my progress, you can click here

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