And finished

Saturday was a busy day, on Friday I got up at 5am, and decided to do my Christmas shopping in the hope that some of the things I had might have gone on sale, nothing had. But I did all my shopping on the Friday

But it did mean on Saturday, I had a stack load of parcels coming, also I had my supermarket delivery and my butcher deliver all coming, this in part deliberate, as Monkey was at home and I wanted to try and sneak them in without him noticing.

However, this also gave my other half the perfect excuse not to help unpack the shopping as he was keeping Monkey distracted. Thats ok though, he will be doing all the wrapping throughout the month.

I am still finding it difficult with my sleep, I am either falling asleep far too early and then getting up early, or what I did on Sunday night, which was unable to sleep at all till gone 4am and then overslept, meaning I ended up being behind all day.

Hopefully today will be a better day.

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