And then wham, I was asleep

I was on the go yesterday from the minute I woke up, till I finally sat down at way after 10pm, because the pipes in our flat are still blocked and I am in argument with the landlord over whose responisbility it is, we have lost the use of our kitchen sink, because it overfills, then we discovered a massive hole in one of the pipes.

That turned out to be from the bathroom sink, so that put that one out of order, but they are coming to fix that Thursday.

This does mean that the washing machine is a pain in the backside because when its on, we have to empty it manually, so thats 20 minutes every hour out of the evening and it does mean by the time i get home, if I have two loads to do, its most the evening gone, along with doing everything else.

I finally sat down to write something at around 11pm and the next thing i remember is its 5.30am and I am wide awake, I am not sure to this, so instead I shall try and get as much done this morning instead and maybe tonight will be a bit more relaxing

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