Where in the World: Georgia

This is the country not the State in the US, its a country I have heard of, but know nothing about

  1. It is boarded by Russia to the north and northeast, Turkey to the southwest, Armenia to the south, Azerbaijan to the southeast and The Black sea to the west.
  2. The local name is not Georgia, it is Saqartvelo or საქართველო
  3. Georgia is the birth place of wine, they have been making wine for 8000 years
  4. In the 13th Century Queen Tamar ordered contruction of Vardzia, a fortress-monastery-palace complex carved out of and under the Erusheti Mountain in the south. 6000 rooms, including a bakery, church and wine cellars, An earthquake destroyed a lot of it, but you can still explore the undamaged bits
  5. Despite being in Asia, it is the birthplace of the first European man, based on two skulls found in Dmanisi, these skulls are thought to be 1.6 million years old
  6. The Georgia language is only spoken here.
  7. Every celebration has wine, to the point Georgians are often a little confused if you say you dont drink
  8. Veryovkina Cave is the deepest cave in the world
  9. Georgia has a history of blood feuds
  10. Georgia music is interesting, so please enjoy this

Are you from Georgia? Gamarjoba

Next week, we are in Western Asia

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2 Responses to Where in the World: Georgia

  1. Carol anne says:

    An interesting country then! The music is interesting!

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