I suppose I better do that then

Usually we do an elf on the shelf type thing. When Monkey was younger, I bought a cuddly elf, not that scary looking one.

This year, I did debate it, I am not sure whether Monkey believes or not and more importantly whether he wants to keep believing.

However on the 2nd December, he was demanding to know where Nestor (the elf) was. I did not have a clue, where I hid him last year, so Nestor was late, but turned up a couple of days later with a letter saying he was on a late holiday and he got delayed by the train strikes.

Now I have another year of doing things with this damn elf.

Seriously, if you are expecting a child, want children, have them and are thinking of doing this. Dont the first year its lovely, maybe even the second year. By the 8th year you are dangling off a roof, trying to get the elf into a good position to look in through a window

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10 Responses to I suppose I better do that then

  1. Simon says:

    I like how you brought the train strikes into it 😀

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Lol. It must be cute though! Elf on the shelf sounds really cute!

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