With 5 days to go

I am not feeling it, Christmassy that is, I am trying for Monkey’s sake, but its just not there, I am not sure what is wrong, normally by now, I would be getting a bit excited, even if its just for him

But nothing, I am also cold, as in really cold, I spent most of Saturday buried under 10 ton worth of blankets and still couldn’t warm up.

Meanwhile Monkey was off out to a pantomime, he has a whale of a time.

We are going to be busy this week, on Wednesday, I am seeing some of my family for present swapping and lunch. Thursday we are doing our big Christmas shop. Saturday will be spent prepping the food for Sunday, then Sunday I shall be watching Monkey open all the gifts, I have spent a large amount of time wrapping, like hours, and he shall open them within 5 minutes.

Lets hope by then I am slightly excited.

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4 Responses to With 5 days to go

  1. Carol anne says:

    Sorry you arent feeling it Trina! 🙂 Sending a hug to you! Xx

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  2. Hugs to you and I miss you. You’ll become full of joy when Monkey eyes light up from all the great gifts and the love you put into them.

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