Lets start with Christmas Eve

I think the last time I properly wrote something on here, was Friday and since then it was non stop, on Saturday myself and Monkey did the prep for Christmas dinner, it took us a while, because I was also trying to do loads of washing.

All I really had to do was prep the duck, make the stuffing, make the cauliflower cheese, make the batter for the yorkshire pudding and make up the prawn cocktail for the starter.

I think along with the fact my motivation had done a runner and the emptying of buckets for the washing machine is why it took me so long.

Once Monkey had gone to bed, my partner wrapped up the presents from Santa, because Santa forgot to wrap them earlier, while I took the dog out and we settled down for an hour, when the neighbours party downstairs started. Keep in mind this was after midnight.

Their party finished at around 9am Christmas day. Between the two of us I think we got around 3 hours sleep. I probably would have been angrier if this was an ongoing thing, but its really not, its just a bugger it happened on Christmas eve, we watched Monkey open his presents, I am hoping to get a few photos of the lego he got, but has he is growing up, he got clothes and money as well as a few board games.

But by that point I was so exhausted, my partner packed me off to bed for a few hours, while he helped monkey build the lego.

Then I cooked our lunch, that was a 3 hour non stop cooking fest, I shall pop the photos up in a different post.

But all in all a fab Christmas day. I hope you had a great one as well.

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2 Responses to Lets start with Christmas Eve

  1. Carol anne says:

    sounds lovely! I’m delighted you had a good day! Xx

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