I do not like this parenting stuff

I think I am a fairly laid back parent. I wont deny that Monkey being Monkey has made it easy as well.

He is smart, polite and mature for his age. However, we are hitting that teenage grey area, he is turning 11 in April and if he is anything like me, this is going to be hell for all involved. Hopefully he has some of his dad’s laid back genes.

After school, as long as his chores are done, he can do what he wants till 15 minutes before bed (then all screens go off) This recently has been playing on his xbox with his friends.

I dont have a major problem with this, however, recently he is using various tricks to get round things, an example would be on Monday 3 of his school shirts appeared in the wash basket. I had done all the washing for last week, the only things in his room, were 2 school shirts I had washed over the weekend that had dried and were in his pile to put away.

This has happened a few times now and I had warned him that if it happened again he could do his own washing in future.

Tonight though pushed me over the ledge along with clean clothes in the basket. I had run him a bath and as I was sorting out the washing, I asked him to go check on his bath. He didnt move. I finished sorting the washing to hang up to dry, check the bath hadn’t overfilled and thoughtfully told him that he was now to hang his own washing up, as I was finished doing jobs for him without anything back in return.

I am sure after a few weeks of doing this, he will figure out that doing what I ask the first time actually makes his life easier. Along with putting his clothes away, without thinking its easier to throw them in the wash basket first.

But he was upset and I dont like my little boy upset, but also I want to sit down before 10pm every night and just by him doing a few jobs would mean it could happen.

These rules also apply to my partner as well, but he learnt very quickly

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9 Responses to I do not like this parenting stuff

  1. My mom calls the unresponsive behavior: testing, testing 123. You did well.

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  2. thebusymama says:

    I have a 10yr old and I am not looking forward to the preteen years. 😅

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