I am looking forward to the weekend

Apart from anything I dont tend to do any washing at the weekend, so we try to limit, how many times we empty the damn bucket.

Also my partner has his eldest round, I am not sure what his plan is, but I tend to stay out of their way, especially if they are gaming.

Hopefully, he will take them out, so I can have a few hours. That will be nice.

Apart from that I dont have any plans, I may give the bathroom a deep clean, but I am going to see how I am feeling on Saturday, I may just play games with Monkey, although its very x box oriniated now. So I might not be good enough.

How about you?

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1 Response to I am looking forward to the weekend

  1. neighborhood Ice luminary walk outdoors tomorrow. I’ve made several colored ice ones in buckets. Then an epic walk at the arty indoor business park. Photos to come.

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