*Press This* Monday chuckles #156

Have a bit of a giggle to lighten up your day

Thanks to Chris

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*Press This* On the fiddle #156

Is the poor person really richer?


Thanks to Chris

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Last Orders at the Blog #156

I am ringing the bell to let you know you only have an hour to get your links into this weekend’s share

Just click here to join in

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Come Join in #156

The weekend Share is up and running and just waiting on you.

Click here to join in

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Trina Inquires 23/10/20

If you could be doing anything this weekend what would it be?

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Let Half Term Commence

Monkey has been at school for a whole half term, now, we have a week of half term next week and I can honestly say I have not got a clue, what we are going to do.

Its difficult to try and arrange anything, added to that we have to be strict on money.

Its also going to be dark, wet and windy, which also limits us.

But I dont want to spend all week, in doors either. Guess I am going to have to take it day by day at the moment.

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So tired, but can’t sleep

I have had so little sleep over the last few days and feel like a zombie, yet I cant seem to sleep and when I do, I struggle to sleep for long.

Its like my brain suddenly goes, right I have found a new thing to panic about.

Hopefully this will soon past.

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Inspirational Links Part 7

These bloggers blog to inspire you and themselves, please go and say hello











As always these links are put up at different times and days, if you want to be included then you can give me a yell, or if you want your blog taken out, then yell over to me then. You can get hold of me either in the comment sections or itsgoodtobecrazy@outlook.com

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The Cheer Trina Up Weekend Share #156

Yep, still down but the fog is lifting, I think, hope you all have had a good week.

If you have never done this before, give it a go, you lose maybe 30 seconds of your life adding a link and you never know who might see it, I will, my mum probably will, so its well worth it.

As everything is life there are rules, if you are new or just need reminding here they are

Rules are very simple,

  1. You can share up to five links
  2. They can be a post, your blog, someone elses post or blog
  3. You can comment on here from now till 11.30pm on Friday evening (GMT time)
  4. I shall start sharing on Saturday till 11.30pm Sunday (GMT time)
  5. It can be anything you want, however I will have final say if I think its is classed as an ism (racism, sexism etc)

Suggestions for you:

If you do share something, make sure you go back to check if anyone has left a comment for you.

If you are busy at the weekend but still want to join in, you can email me itsgoodtobecrazy@outlook.com and I will try and put your links in.

If you would like to tweet, share, or reblog and get more people involved then go for it. Otherwise don’t be shy, you have nothing to lose by sharing something.

So if you have a post that you want more exposure, or maybe even your blog. Maybe you have seen someone elses post and thought I need to get that out, then share it. Its all a good giggle.

Just to add on this, don’t worry if you don’t follow me, just add a link, I love reading new blogs, you will still get approved (as long as you have followed the rules) and then reblogged, so if you have taken a look at my blog and thought, not something I am interested, well you are weird, but thats your choice, but your blog or link might interest another one of my followers.

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Trina Inquires 22/10/20

What animal looks cute, but would do some serious damage?

(Honey badger)

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