I chose my name for my blog with the utmost care. I have mental health problems, I think I have always had them, its just now that I am starting to put labels on them. I hate the term label, because with mental health not one person is the same, but it makes the medical community feel better. I enjoy  being quirky most of the time, its just the 10% of the time which I dislike.


I started this blog to make people aware of the challanges I have faced and my continuing disbelief in how a benefit system treats those who are in desperate need. Please feel free to follow me, or even if you want to reblog, go right ahead.


I can be sarcastic, which is hard to convey (although I do give it a damn good try) I also try and put in a bit of humour because if I don’t laugh then I would probably end up in a looney bin.

When I started this I didn’t share my name, but since I originally wrote the about page, people have asked, so my name is Trina

Extra update, want to know who is who then read this


I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I have done writing it so far

364 Responses to About

  1. Hello Trina!!❤️❤️♥️ Thank you so much for the blog share! I appreciate the love so much!!

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  2. robertcday says:

    Nice page, Trina. How tempting was it to call your blog itsgoodtobecrazyninetypercentofthetime or maybe itsgoodtobesanetenpercentofthetime? Actually, when I think about it, your name is better. 😃

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