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Watching the Queens Speech Part 1

Sat here watching the queen’s speech, due to how this country is going, I am finding it hard to watch so have added some humour into it, especially with partner on a day off who A. doesn’t want to watch … Continue reading

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Queen’s speech part 2

Commentator: Will there be any word from Dennis skinner Dennis skinner: Get a move on we need to get to Ascot Me: yep there he is *MP’s walk in* Me: Twat, twat, idiot, twat, like him, fucking idiot. bawbag, wankengine, … Continue reading

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Its late and I know it

As I write this, this is the day Britain decide which government they want and God there has been loads of shit going around. I am still not certain about who to vote for, but I can tell you if … Continue reading

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Stolen from facebook

A friend of a friend has written this on facebook and gave his permission to share it. This is from Ed   It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. I’ve written that down, and I’m staring at it. I want to write … Continue reading

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Magnificent Seven *Spoilers*

I watched this film last night, magnificent seven.   What a load of shit, they all fucking died at the end. (This would be the spoiler) No they never died at the end, I don’t care if the producer wasn’t … Continue reading

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Bad timings

After nearly three weeks off my son went back to school last week, fantastic a time to catch up. This week, we had a bank holiday in the UK on Monday, we were meant to have a day of fun, … Continue reading

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Being on the Tory slide

With all the political unrest in Great Britain I have been trying to think how to explain, why I don’t think the Tory party is any good for the UK, don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of … Continue reading

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