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*Press it* Music Monday Blog Party: Celebrate YOUR life!

Another party ready to go On Friday one of my favourite artists passed on. Avicii was one of those musicians whose music can cheer me up no matter how bad I feel. He is also another one who went much too … Continue reading

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A milestone

So I hit 2000 followers over the weekend, I would like to take a minute to thank everyone for liking, commenting, sharing my words. It does mean the world when someone hits that like button. I still get excited when … Continue reading

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I had to suspend the weekend share while Monkey’s birthday was on, as I ran out of time to schedule posts last night and was busy running round this morning. But its back on, I haven’t forgotten. However if you … Continue reading

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A heads up

Due to the Easter holidays hitting us in a few days, monkey’s birthday and the boiler men coming, I am not sure how much I am going to be around. I didn’t want anyone to worry if I suddenly disappear, … Continue reading

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This time the Postman did bring me something nice

I am going about my day, a bit sad because the snow has melted and Cyranny hadn’t sent me anymore. When the postman turned up and dropped something through the post. Check out those eyes. So if the mademoiselle didn’t … Continue reading

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A question for you?

Lets try and lighten it up after the last couple of posts. What would you like to see on this blog? Anything or is it perfect. Anything you would like to see less of, more of. I have lots of … Continue reading

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I was thinking?

I was chatting to another blogger (who shall remain nameless unless they want to be revealed) Who suggested that maybe I want to open my blog to having partners. Basically, someone pays me to advertise their blog and reblog their … Continue reading

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