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I was not expecting this

When I was choosing schools for monkey, I had a choice of a few, 2 of which were religious, one is Catholic and the other is Church of England, and then the State school, all were roughly the same, in … Continue reading

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Now I maybe being unreasonable!!!

Actually I have changed my mind, no I am not.   Ok maybe I am   Right I will let everyone else decide.   My son’s pre school, is lovely, but the parents maybe getting on my nerves. First one … Continue reading

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To the parents at the school gates

To those parents have you ever thought that parent who is aloft is just shy, That parent who hasn’t made eye contact  suffers from social anxiety To those parents who laugh together, have you ever noticed that parent who stands … Continue reading

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Life skills seriously WTF???

For those of you in the UK, you might be seeing adverts for life skills from barclays. While this is fantastic and needed, surely something is wrong with the system when a bank is teaching our children how to dress … Continue reading

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