You only have the one

I took monkey to one of his after schools clubs and bumped into another mum as we (she) was chatting I remembered I hadn’t signed some form or another. She laughed at me, because this is a fairly frequent thing, if it doesn’t come home in a hard copy then I forget about it as its not in my paperwork pile.

She laughed and said but you only have the one (she has 3) I laughed but mentally I was thinking, if I could have more I bloody well would do, but I can’t say that, because she was having a giggle, she doesn’t know my history.


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*Reblog* Monday Funnies…

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*Reblog* How This Midlife Blogger Made Over $3000 In One Month Without Blogging About Blogging

Some good suggestions here

Elena Peters

I can’t believe I am doing this. I have never posted an income report on my blog before. And the reason I haven’t is because quite frankly, it is none of your business what I make.

But I feel it is time I share this information with my readers on this blog at least once.

Let me tell you why I think it is time:

  1. Most of the blog income reports I see have a huge portion (if not all) of money earned selling blogging related products, i.e. hosting, courses, products and services. Though interesting reading, it can be very discouraging for someone who does not blog about blogging. But worse yet, I feel those types of income reports make bloggers:

a) all of a sudden start posting about blogging even though it does not fit their niche and

b) promoting products about blogging to their audience that isn’t interested…

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*Reblog* Viagra



I accidentally dropped a load of Viagra on the floor shortly after taking one…………

……….I was crawling around on all fives for about half an hour looking for them.

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*Reblog* Filter Free Friday

Needed a good laugh

Fabulous With Glitches

There’s no theme here…..I’m just tired and I didn’t post anything for Hump Day Shenanigan’s so enjoy or don’t? Either way it’s Friday. Cheers 💋

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Authors Part 11

Hello, a new week and a new set of links, this week its all about authors. Check these guys out for your does of fiction and non fiction, of various different subjects. Hope you enjoy

You can find all the other links here and here

As always these links are put up at different times and days, if you want to be included then you can give me a yell, or if you want your blog taken out, then yell over to me then. You can get hold of me either in the comment sections or

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*reblog* Hee 

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