And let my year commence

I took Monday and Tuesday off from everything to try and contemplate everything and get my head round it all.

Getting the decision for PIP is a double edge sword, on the one side 3 people, who I had never met, believed me enough that they thought I deserved it on the other side 3 people think that I am so limited in what I can do that they think I should get an extra payment that most people don’t receive.

While I know it is based on July 2017, it is still a bit of a blow, but what it has done is given me time, to sort myself out, so that by the time it runs out, I won’t have to apply for it again.

Now I have drawn a line under it, I can get started properly with my year and planning, this is the year we are going to sort ourselves out and get out of the debt we are in. Get ourselves prepared for the fact, that I will be going back to work at some point.

I am up to date on nearly everything, so I can start Wednesday with a smile on my face

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*Reblog* Oh, how I wish my favourite DM could have seen this

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*Reblog* Looks about right

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And the verdict is in

For all those who were not aware, today marked the end of a long journey for me, today was the day that I had my PIP tribunal. PIP is personal independence payment and its a disability benefit, it is not based on your condition, more how that condition limits you in your day to day life.

I will go into more details on the actual tribunal in another post, for those that might be going through the same journey and have arrived at this point and am not sure what is going to happen.

However, I got there in plenty of time, very very nervous, I did manage to get a couple hours sleep last night, but I was still exhausted.

I was first in, I sat down and they asked me a stack load of questions, I spent nearly an hour talking and it is all based on when I had the initial assessment which was back in July 2017, so it was very much dealing with what an average day looks like from there, trying to remember how things were.

After they had finished asking their questions, we were lead back out to wait their decision, I turned to my partner and said I don’t think I have got it. 15 very long minutes later, we were called back in and…….

I was awarded standard care. I won, after 18 long months of fighting and I won. This means, we get a back payment of all the money we should of been receiving over the last 18 months, plus it means more money every month, till 2021, when they will assess me again and hopefully by that point I won’t be needing it anymore, but it does give me some breathing space. Well till the next benefit comes round to being assessed.

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Its a little bit funny this feeling inside

Unusually I am sitting up at 1am with a cup of coffee, its probably not the best thing for me at the minute, but I am so wound up, anxious and worried about tomorrow, I am not sure if I am going to be able to sleep.

Its a weird feeling, being on the verge of the end. I keep looking at the clock and counting down. in roughly 9 hours I will have my answer, I have been thinking like this for the last week.

In a week I will know, in 48 hours I will know, in 24 hours I will know, in 12 hours I will know, now I am on the countdown.

Please send me all your good luck vibes, this tribunal has the ability to change our lives for the better. It will only be a short term thing, but hopefully by the time it comes to an end, we will be in a better position all round. As long as we are sensible, with it.

If we lose, then its not as bad as it might be, it will just take us longer to sort stuff. I won’t be able to get monkey his new bed, which to be honest, considering everything he has gone though he deserves it. If they say no, its not the end of the world, but a yes would be so much better.

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*Press it* Lovebirds… #63

A beautiful photo via Lovebirds…

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*Press it* His song… #63

A very beautiful poem via His song…

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