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Ads on the internet

I am really starting to hate this, I searched the other day for underware for my other half, I then got bombared with adverts on facebook, the same with life insurance. I get why it happens, weirdly when I searched … Continue reading

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*press it* Ways to Support Your Favourite Bloggers Without Spending a Cent. Please Share! #bloggers #16

Having spent the last week or so wondering whether to try and put ads on my blog, this is a really good post on things you can do to support bloggers you like without spending a penny. via Ways to … Continue reading

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*Press it* Gripes, grumps and grumbles……….. #13

I am a new follower of Suze and I am going to be honest here, she is bonkers. I don’t mean mad, I mean bouncing off the walls completely bonkers. She seems friendly enough, probably take cookies just incase when … Continue reading

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Ban them

When I rule the world adverts on children’s TV is going to be banned. Not just the fast food ones that I believe are banned now, every single one. If I hear the words mummy can I have that Or … Continue reading

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I am not sure if it is just me or maybe something to do with my mental health (This is the excuse I am going for) but I am an advertisers wet dream. You ever wonder who buys from those late … Continue reading

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Things that freak me out

For those of you who are in the UK, you may know the Homepride advert This is homepride Fredif I ever find him in my house, I am going to stab him and run

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