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Damn it

I managed to get a cheap phone, my luck with phones is not great. However I was really excited to actually get a new one. My sister, bless her, had sent me her last few old ones, they had cracked … Continue reading

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Well that was unexpected.

I opened an email today, with the words congratulations you have won £100 Amazon voucher.   I assumed it was one of those, you have won but you need to pay either £200 to get it, or sign up to … Continue reading

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I am so confused

Its rare I get confused but Amazon have done it. Yesterday (Wednesday) I put in an order for shopping, we need food, the payment got declined. This was my mistake, online shopping in the UK they dont take the money … Continue reading

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frigging bastard thingy

Because my partner and I are sensible people, when we moved the first time, we made sure to use up everything we could, then when we moved the second time, we did the same thing, this means we have had … Continue reading

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Amazon Saga continues

Here you can find all about the fun I have been having with Amazon, but now they have taken the biscuit, the presents I brought recently have been sent to my old address. Now before you all jump in and say … Continue reading

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The Amazon Saga

I explained here how great Amazon and their customer service was. Well, the money still hadn’t hit my account as of yesterday, so I rang them up explained the situation and they wondered off to find out what was happening. … Continue reading

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Bastard Technology

Technology is trying to tell me something. You will remember my laptop is at the menders, well this morning my darling and delighful son got me up at 5am and we came downstairs and I turned the TV. The TV … Continue reading

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