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My Challenge

Its going to be the start of the summer holiday on Wednesday, that is 6 weeks with monkey. Last year we were so busy, he didn’t really have a summer holiday, so this year I am going to make it … Continue reading

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*Press it* The Benefits of Writing in a Journal for Anxiety and Depression #90

I must admit I use my blog as my journal but it really is a good way of coping. via The Benefits of Writing in a Journal for Anxiety and Depression

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Appointment with my mental health nurse

On Wednesday, I had an appointment with my mental health nurse, I always feel better when I see her, although that only lasts for a few hours. I haven’t seen her in a while, but it was good to talk … Continue reading

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I am going to miss him

Monkey is off on his weekend away, it is taking everything I have not to phone and cancel. Apart from anything else, it means that I will have one very stroppy boy on my hands over the weekend, which lets … Continue reading

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Today was the first day

We decided to check to see if it was possible for me to do both school runs. I honestly can’t remember the last time I did both pick up and drop off. Its normally one or the other, or sometimes … Continue reading

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So, my partner’s job…

I touched upon this in a previous post that something is going on with my partner’s job. The very basic is that his hours have been cut, they were cut back after Christmas. Which was fine, we could cope, then … Continue reading

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Mental Health Part 20

Taking a bit of a break and coming back to Mental health blogs. These guys all blog about mental health, their lives and their failures and success https://twentiestales.blog/ https://adelinemarie.blog/ https://floridagirlwrites.com/ https://rumerbartholomew.org/ https://deelib68.com/ https://mindmd.home.blog/ https://www.sunshinebehavioralhealth.com/blog/ https://outdoortherapy.blog/ https://thebwordddd.wordpress.com/ https://mentalhealthjourneyonline.wordpress.com/ You can find … Continue reading

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