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I hope its just me

I have my PIP tribunal on Wednesday at 2pm, its a video link one, so I can do it from my bed. This solved a lot of problems for me, including getting my partner to take the day off and … Continue reading

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I am not sure it is coming through properly?

Just how angry I am at this government for basically everything, probably the thing that annoys me the most is despite the shitfest that this year has been, with everything closing down. Mental health crisis is going to get worse. … Continue reading

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How much money is it saving?

Despite my lovely phone call this morning, I still had this idea brewing in my head, ever since my rant yesterday. I feel its important to get this out there. In July 2017 I was assessed for PIP, which is … Continue reading

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My problem with the assessments

I mentioned that I had recently had my PIP assessment, my main problem with it, is what can you do most days. This doesn’t take into account mental health in my opinion. The assessment that I had mainly concentrated on … Continue reading

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