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If its not one thing its another

The post has arrived, I hate getting post, its never anything nice. Today the postman bought me a big brown envelope. No idea what it was, so I opened it. The government want to do a check on me for … Continue reading

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I do despair

As I type this I am on the phone (yep not a Friday, yep I think I am going to throw up) Still trying to sort out this assessment for the ATOS, as it stands, I am trying to get … Continue reading

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Last week part 4 (and final part of why last week was shit)

ATOS has very kindly asked to see me for an assessment for benefits. Basically they want to check I am still mad, however it does involve going to an appointment, which I am not prepared to do. So what I … Continue reading

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Simple things can be stressful

Although I have been stress free for me, one of the things that has been causing me major anxiety is the DWP (department of work and pension) bless their hearts they want to assess me again, cause you know the … Continue reading

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Anxiety suckerpunches

I was browsing on facebook, in a perfectly happy mood when I saw a status from a friend about a home visit from ATOS And suddenly boom I got punched from behind by anxiety. You see my friend was awarding … Continue reading

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The Ian Duncan Smith Letter

A couple of days ago I said I had received a letter from IDS (Ian Duncan Smith) with regards to the wait I have had in PIP, So here are bits of it, it is three pages long, but the … Continue reading

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So far an excellent day

As it hit 9am this morning. I was on the phone to Department of work and pensions, finding out about my PIP. I have been awarded it and they are backdating the money to April. I am sure the lady … Continue reading

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