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I know I keep mentioning it but…..

Tomorrow is the first day, when I may get my backpayment. I still haven’t received any letters from anyone, so I am in the dark, whether I am getting £2 or £200 or more. I am trying not to get … Continue reading

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Coincidence? I think not

Yesterday, I had a full blown massive rant, first thank you for all of your support on it. If you would like to read it, its here.   This morning I received a phone call from the DWP, now first … Continue reading

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The Reblog Fest

If you haven’t noticed, I have been reblogging my little heart out over the last few days, this was mainly due to the small breaks I kept having, I kept reading and putting posts aside but not actually doing anything … Continue reading

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This drives me fucking crazy

Today, I got a letter from the council, they have recalculated my housing benefit (again) This time it has dropped to nothing. Which means my council tax has gone up. We are not talking hundreds it is maybe an extra … Continue reading

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