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I’m alright jack

If anything this is the attitude that is becoming more and more previliant in the UK. Especially when it comes to benefits. For years people have been saying that benefits are not enough to live on and yet still the … Continue reading

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A Social Experiment

Ok, maybe a bit of an over reaction to what is happening in the UK, but as you watch what other countries are doing, I am sitting here going what the fuck. What we have been advised to do, is … Continue reading

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Sorry but not really

I know this was always meant to be a mental health blog and I can’t remember the last time I have actually focused on my mental health and to my readers I am sorry, but also I am not, because … Continue reading

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I am guessing here

One of the main reasons that I had a blip over the weekend, was that I got that dreaded envelope. The government want to check on me and how I am doing, this sounds lovely but basically what it means … Continue reading

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He is being very difficult

I was browsing facebook, when I came across a new benefit that I had never heard of. The main reason is because you have to be married to get it, now that is not a reason to get married, but … Continue reading

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The Reblog Fest

If you haven’t noticed, I have been reblogging my little heart out over the last few days, this was mainly due to the small breaks I kept having, I kept reading and putting posts aside but not actually doing anything … Continue reading

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Productive Morning

This morning, I was up at 5am, considering I didn’t fall asleep till 1am, this is a miracle. I pottered around for a little bit, did some stuff on the computer, waited till 7am, when I woke up Monkey, who … Continue reading

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So here we are again

Last night, I fell alseep at about 11pm (yippee) woke just after 2am wide awake and have sat here ever since. Its an interesting time to me, as everything (once again) is on hold till I know what the DWP … Continue reading

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Its a little bit funny this feeling inside

Unusually I am sitting up at 1am with a cup of coffee, its probably not the best thing for me at the minute, but I am so wound up, anxious and worried about tomorrow, I am not sure if I … Continue reading

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Lets Shake it up

I have been thinking, dangerous I know. This blog has been about my journey with mental health and with the benefit system, on January 14th this journey is going to come to the end. I am no longer going to … Continue reading

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