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Lets Shake it up

I have been thinking, dangerous I know. This blog has been about my journey with mental health and with the benefit system, on January 14th this journey is going to come to the end. I am no longer going to … Continue reading

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I have been thinking, so I am still up and down like a yoyo, but generally I think I am ok and I need to continue thinking about the future. I have been thinking about jobs again. I am 30 … Continue reading

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Support Group Visit

I had my support group visitor round this morning, I am not sure she knows what to make of me, I am not sure that when she deals with people they have burried their head in the sand or what. … Continue reading

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I started trying to write a positive post, but to be honest with everything that is going on I am finding it tough. My PIP tribunal being postponed has knocked me for 6, I don’t know what we are going … Continue reading

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Support Group Help

I had this meeting today, which tbf wasn’t very useful, it was nice to talk to someone about everything, but I didn’t want to tell her I did that on a regular occassion through the internet.   Hopefully she is … Continue reading

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In Today’s News

I fucking hate my council. If you were ever unsure in any of my previous posts, I just want to make it clear how much I hate their red tape. To be fair the people I often speak to are … Continue reading

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This is beyond a fucking joke

On Friday, I phoned through to the courts to find out what is going on with my PIP (disability) Tribunal. The lovely lady informed me that that there is a 38 week wait, minus the 14 weeks I have already … Continue reading

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The phonecall

As I get monkey home from school and we are in the massive rush to get ready to go back out. I hear a voice on the answerphone and hear the word doctor.   Normal people would think bollocks, my … Continue reading

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*Press it* Digital Reading Benefits #18

Chris has nominated this post for us all to read. via Digital Reading Benefits  I however disagree there is any benefits, I much prefer paper books, however it did give me food for thought.

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I am a fucking bouncy ball

I don’t know how much longer I can do this for, I keep going up and down, one moment I am fine, the next moment the anxiety is all consuming and brings me right down. I am getting so sick … Continue reading

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