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Go out he says

On Sunday, we realised we were running low on electric, I am not sure if other countries have these, but we have pay metres for both gas and electric. Basically you go into the shop with your key or card … Continue reading

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I have adulted today

Now someone build me a fort and give me a cookie and milk.   Its been a productive morning, partner got paid and I then spent the money on bills.

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I have finally found a problem with my flat

Six months in and I have finally found what is wrong with it, well I say wrong, its a thing that can be sorted very easily. It is too fucking hot. Its nearly 1am and I feel like I am … Continue reading

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Well this all seems perfectly reasonable

I got a letter today, telling me my PIP (disability benefit) is going up by £1.23 a month and it got me thinking, which lets face it, is never a good thing. Here are just a few things I have … Continue reading

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It never rains but it pours

Today I was expecting a benefit payment (child tax credits) which I needed desperatly to pay rent and bills, I usually get £200 I got £18 and no one can explain why. To be honest this was the straw that … Continue reading

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A serious one

I have touched on this before, but it is effecting us now more than ever and I know a lot of people are effected by it, but its one of those things you just don’t talk about. Its money, when … Continue reading

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