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Thank you

A massive thank you once again, it was brilliant.   Thank you to all who posted links, posts and blogs. And thank you to all those that read the posts, and clicked on the links. I hope some of you … Continue reading

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*Press it* Book Release! Brotherhood of the Locust

I love a good book promotion, especially when it a good price. Please go over and have a read of the blurb, it looks pretty good especially if you have teenagers. Or to be honest adult age as well. via … Continue reading

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*Weekend share* Got a new PC or Mobile Device

Imad discusses buying a new computer or mobile and how to keep it safe, also talks about a worm that I had more or less forgotten about. Can you add any further tips?Please go and say hello http://oxfordjunior.co.uk/got-a-new-pc-or-mobile-device/

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Blog Share

Do you read Indie books? Bit stuck what to go on and read and what something different. Then check out this blog https://lurkingintheshadowshonestreviews.wordpress.com/about/ You get some honest reviews plus you can check out some of his books as well, its … Continue reading

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Does anyone, anywhere have a good guide for twitter. I am still struggling with it and would like a nice simple guide. I have no idea if one is even out there to help bloggers, but thought I would ask

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*Reblog* Not every day is great, but great things happen every day

Originally posted on Ramblings and Musings:
Good days, bad days, slow days, blurry days, hurry days, tomorrow is another day. Hump days, bump days, look for the great thing that will happen. ? Sometimes the greatest thing in a day…

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When is it best to reblog?

A bit of an odd title, but I was curious. On Tuesday I mainly reblogged in the evening. On Wednesday I mainly reblogged in the afternoon. My biggest views always have come from the States, so maybe I should get … Continue reading

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