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If you are new here or if you have forgotten

Welcome, its been a few years since I started blogging. My about page doesn’t really cover the things that have gone afterwards. I am Trina, I have been diagnoised with many things, but at the moment, I believe it to … Continue reading

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*Reblog* Monday meet and greet time!

Originally posted on Therapy Bits:
hi everyone! Welcome to my Monday meet and greet, with a little twist. What I’d love you all to do is leave either your own blog link, someone else’s blog link, a link to a…

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Thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you It was a great weekend, thank you all for sharing, reading, liking and commenting.

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*press it* Ways to Support Your Favourite Bloggers Without Spending a Cent. Please Share! #bloggers #16

Having spent the last week or so wondering whether to try and put ads on my blog, this is a really good post on things you can do to support bloggers you like without spending a penny. via Ways to … Continue reading

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*Reblog* Open House Party in The Cove!

Originally posted on Cyranny's Cove:
Yes Ma’am and yes Sir! With an exclamation point, nothing less! I was thinking of a way to shake the last of today’s annoyances away, and get my usual Cyranny mojo back… And I…

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Trina’s Weekend Share #12

I liked the name so much, I thought I would stick with it. It has nothing to do with the fact I have a massive ego. Nop none at all If you are new welcome, welcome, come on in. Bring … Continue reading

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Thank you

A massive thank you once again, it was brilliant.   Thank you to all who posted links, posts and blogs. And thank you to all those that read the posts, and clicked on the links. I hope some of you … Continue reading

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