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*Press it* Sovereignty #122

Brexit does make me laugh at the irony of it all via Sovereignty

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Should I mention Brexit?

I suppose I should really, its a big deal for the UK and the EU, but the thing is, despite all the claims for our PM and his party, nothing actually changes till December, we are still under their laws, … Continue reading

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Queen’s Speech

I could go on and on about this, but the one thing I really find highly amusing is a government wanting to stop unelected officials from interfering in our country can’t do anything unless the monarch tells them.   It … Continue reading

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You know you have pushed it too far

I am very into my politics, my partner not so much, but its important to me, so he tolerates watching the many interviews, listening to me go on about it and generally knows that for the next few weeks, this … Continue reading

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Seriously what the fuck is going on with the UK government

So in simple terms, they suspended Parliament, people disagreed, took it to court. 11 judges decided that Parliament should come back, they came back today to debate emergency bills. The main thing that stood out for me, was when the … Continue reading

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Well thats me in trouble

I went to pick monkey up and the teacher called me over. Keep in mind this is a brand new teacher for this year, this is how the conversation went Teacher: Hi, we were watching the news today and I … Continue reading

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Lets talk politics.

Yeah I know, I know. But to be honest I am going to have to laugh otherwise I will cry at the shitstorm that is going on in the UK politics. Its all over Brexit, Brexit is something which we … Continue reading

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Well this is interesting

Well if you are in the UK it could be of interest. In the Houses of Parliament, we elect 650 MPs, out of the parties, one has a majority to be able to then lead the country. What happened at … Continue reading

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Trump, Trump and more Trump

That is all my facebook is full of, the news is full of. The fact he is within 30 odd miles away from me. How he met the Queen, the banquet, Prince Harry wasn’t a fan.   I have no … Continue reading

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So we had our local elections.

I am going to give a quick idea of what these are about. The UK is made up of 4 countries England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. When I talk about the Government, I am talking about the party which … Continue reading

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