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I am sure they need it more though

Today BP, an energy giant has announced its profits, they are a business so of course they need to make profits, its the 2nd highest for the 2nd quarter ever though. Thank God, it was good, because I have no … Continue reading

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You have to be kidding me

I have mentioned loads of times about the problem I have with my electricity, for those new, or have forgotten, I shall give a brief recap. I am on what we call a pay as you go meter. Basically I … Continue reading

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Well thats annoying

On Sunday my partner, went off to go find electricity, our story for electricity is becoming a weekly saga, to be honest, whether we run out because we are not organised enough, have power cuts or in this case. When … Continue reading

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That was not fun

As always when I have to go out of my nice warm flat over the last two weeks, its because I need electricity or gas. This time it was electicity. I had to take Monkey with me, as I don’t … Continue reading

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A story

A little story for you all, I am with British Gas on a prepay meter, the electric meter is 5 meters (or further) away from my flat, this means I cannot have a smart meter (this becomes important) so once … Continue reading

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Smart meters

We got a smart meter its basically a little box, which tells us how much we are spending on gas and electric each day. I have never known a more depressing thing than this box. I literally spend the day … Continue reading

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They always come in threes

Its been stressful day, first of all I had a man come out to look at the meters and the boiler. This involved allowing a man to come into my house. I fucking hate people in my house. It involves … Continue reading

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