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*Post Share* Become a Wife Mother who knows Finance #138

How does your family do the finances? https://momsmoneyzone.com/2020/06/18/become-a-wife-mother-who-knows-finance/

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*Post Share* How a 10 minute phone call could save you 1000 #132

These are some really great and simple tips to help you with any debt you may have How a 10-minute Phone Call Could Save You $1,000

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Food glorious food

When I did my shop, I made sure I got a lot of different things in, as monkey would be here for lunches, snacks and general raiding of the fridge. While I get he is a growing boy and needs … Continue reading

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It makes me so angry

I watched question time last night. In case you were not aware, its basically politicians, journalists and on occasion celebraties answering questions asked by the public. I only watched the last fifteen minutes, which was fortunate because in those fifteen … Continue reading

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I so love being on benefits (sarcasm)

I was going to do a lovely happy blog about how today I drove nearly two hours to take my son to the zoo and what a great time we have had and how I feel that in general I … Continue reading

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Its the small things

Today reality hit, living on one wage for over a year now and over  the past few months robbing peter to pay paul, has finally ended and we have no money, no food (I am sure we can sort something) … Continue reading

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Black dog

I hate the phrase, black dog, but it seems to be the one everyone knows without having to go into explaination. Anyway he/it hit me yesterday and boy did I get suckered punched by him, my little boy is ill … Continue reading

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spreadsheets and paperwork

Friday’s are my paperwork day. Its when I catch up on letters, call the DWP and ATOS, make app with the doctor, fill in the calander. You get the point. Today, was also the first day that I felt good … Continue reading

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I swear ATOS and my Council are trying to send me to an early grave

Nearly 11 months after starting the process of claiming for PIP I have finally received a letter from ATOS for an app. This is good news I hear you cheer. No because they want me to go to an assessment … Continue reading

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Its that time of the year

Yep Christmas is coming upon us all. I dislike Christmas for various reasons and have tried not to celebrate it, however it is more difficult with a child and since he is two and seems to be aware of things … Continue reading

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