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What is the elephant doing?

Bit of an interesting title, the thing is, I cannot figure out how to get the damn video on wordpress. So till I do https://www.facebook.com/Its-good-to-be-crazy-sometimes-1510887199165212/ Its the pinned post to try and make it easier.

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This was in my memories on facebook I am sitting there chatting to my partner about the fact that the patient on get well soon could probably go camping cause even though she has chicken pox. The spots have come out … Continue reading

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One of the many things that annoys me

Is that there is not really a good channel to have on, for both adults and a four year old. Cbeebies is good, but I can only handle it for a few hours a day. My son is just that … Continue reading

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Have we gone the other way

I don’t know how many of you watch cbeebies, but with certain of their presenters they  are very good looking. I do think you have to be a certain type to get into the TV and film industry, and I … Continue reading

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Bastard Technology

Technology is trying to tell me something. You will remember my laptop is at the menders, well this morning my darling and delighful son got me up at 5am and we came downstairs and I turned the TV. The TV … Continue reading

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Things I regret

I tend to find I don’t regret much, I find my mistakes as much as my successes have shaped me as a person, so I don’t tend to look into the past and thing wow I really regret that, it … Continue reading

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whatever drugs they are on I want some

If you have a small child in the UK, you are probably aware of cbeebies, I firmley believe that a large amount of children makers are on some sort of drugs. For example In the night garden  yep a large … Continue reading

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