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Things my son says

Highlights of the remberence Sunday include Has the queen kissed Prince Phillip Teresa May looks sticky why are they all so old Boris Johnson is he my great grandfather Was William Shakespeare in that war   Someone knocks at the … Continue reading

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*Press it* AMAZING MATILDA Finger Puppets #FREE Download

A little bit more on Amazing Matilda written by Bette A. Stevens, this post is about using finger puppets when telling a story. Kids (well mine) love it and it does engage them more with the story. via AMAZING MATILDA Finger … Continue reading

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Not really much of choice

Monkey decided that he wanted to build something with his lego. Couldn’t decide what he wanted, so gave me the options to choose. My options were a tank, a shuttle, an airplane or a fire engine. I first said tank, … Continue reading

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A prayer to the powers that be

To whoever. I don’t know what I did to offend you or my parents, but I certainly didn’t deserve to be punished in this way. I love my son but the constant questions, why why why. I remember being so … Continue reading

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Children’s parties

If you have kids, you will know that their are unwritten rules in almost everything. The school gates, inviting children round for a playdate. Now I have come up against this new one, children’s parties.   Do you stay? Do … Continue reading

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Halloween for a anxious parent

Yesterday was Halloween, I guess you all knew that. What you might not know is that in the UK it didn’t use to be a big thing, for a lot of areas. I certainly didn’t go trick or treating when … Continue reading

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Things my son says

Monkey: Mummy, mummy they are talking about William Shakespeare. Me: Do you remember who he is Monkey: Yes mummy he wrote thats not my monkey Ah that sublime piece of literature that I am sure Shakespeare is proud of   … Continue reading

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