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Where the hell have I caught this from?

No, not Covid, a cold. I started sniffing round about Friday, on Sunday I was up there with a proper cold, sniffing and sneezing. Its not a bad cold, but its one of those annoying ones, where you are sniffing … Continue reading

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*Press This* Of -15C and Other Excuses… #172

Nop, they all sound cold to me https://fakeflamenco.wordpress.com/2021/02/11/15c-and-other-excuses/

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3 days in

Monkey came down with a cold. He is very very snotty. It took 3 days for him to catch something off someone. He also has a high temp, when we spoke to the school this morning, they said to keep … Continue reading

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Well that was just silly

Storm Ciara hit the UK last night, we have bamboo screening on our balcony, mainly to make sure the cats cant jump up and over. It came very loose in the storm and was banging around, fairly easy fix, so … Continue reading

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That feels better

Since having this damn cold, I have had no appetite at all and struggled to eat at least once a day. However this morning I woke up starving and just had the biggest bowl of pasta I think in the … Continue reading

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Ok maybe its not mental

I have come down with a cold. A cold I can deal with, its the cough that is driving me nuts, I lie down I start coughing, I sit up I start coughing and once I start I can’t stop. … Continue reading

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I have been through the fires of hell and survived

Ok, maybe a tad over dramatic, but that cold was bad. I am still sniffling, but I no longer feel sick when I move or dizzy when I stand up. Monkey did end up catching it, but not as bad … Continue reading

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It may be a bit quiet round here

My loving, ever suffering partner, has given me a cold, its a bad one and I am struggling, with just about everything. I love my partner, but the only thing keeping me going at the moment is plotting my revenge. … Continue reading

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That is my day buggered then

Poor Monkey has come down with a bad cold, I do think he could of done school, but as we would have had to walk it, nearly an hour and a half, both ways, I made the decision not to … Continue reading

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OK its official I have a cold

And no I wont stop complaining. The damn thing couldn’t of hit properly three days ago, when my partner was on a day off? No the damn thing hits the minute he goes back to work and I have shit … Continue reading

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