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I have been through the fires of hell and survived

Ok, maybe a tad over dramatic, but that cold was bad. I am still sniffling, but I no longer feel sick when I move or dizzy when I stand up. Monkey did end up catching it, but not as bad … Continue reading

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It may be a bit quiet round here

My loving, ever suffering partner, has given me a cold, its a bad one and I am struggling, with just about everything. I love my partner, but the only thing keeping me going at the moment is plotting my revenge. … Continue reading

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That is my day buggered then

Poor Monkey has come down with a bad cold, I do think he could of done school, but as we would have had to walk it, nearly an hour and a half, both ways, I made the decision not to … Continue reading

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OK its official I have a cold

And no I wont stop complaining. The damn thing couldn’t of hit properly three days ago, when my partner was on a day off? No the damn thing hits the minute he goes back to work and I have shit … Continue reading

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I dont like the cold

I am really not a cold weather person, give me snow and I am as happy as larry, but just cold no that doesn’t work for me. The kind of bitey, sharp windy cold and no matter what I wear … Continue reading

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How do I do it?

Its the British Summer time, ok its not boiling but its warm and I have managed to pick up a cold. Its a pretty bad cold as well. I would like to tell my cold to go jump and leave … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen


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