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I have my tin foil hat on

I don’t normally follow the news that often, I keep an eye on it, but I don’t go into the full stories. It has gotten to midnight here and I have just realised there has been nothing going on in … Continue reading

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Might want to put on your tinfoil helmets for this one

In the UK Prince Harry 5th in line for the throne (soon to be 6th) has announced his engagement to someone who I have never heard of, but am reliably informed that she is an actress in a show I … Continue reading

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*pressed* The Sci-Fi Files- The Lunar Landings Conspiracies

What can I say about Simon over on PlanetSimon. The guy is nuts, but he is a close friend, and I love reading his posts. Here he is trying to convince me that the moon landings didn’t happen. What do … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theory

I am not into all these sort of conspiracy theories, Although I do quite like the whole JFK came from the past and was actually the third man behind the grassy knoll, and he killed himself because the future where … Continue reading

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