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Our Main Problem

There is 3 of us, plus animals all in a small flat, normally its me by myself for 8 hours. When it is not and Matt is here for what ever school holiday is going on, I will take him … Continue reading

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Let me take care of your worries so you can sleep

This is a new thing I am going to do, with everything that is going on, people are feeling anxious, worried and depressed. So, in I step. I have literally been preparing for this for 6 years now and as … Continue reading

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Mental health, Corona and Me

In this mad time, it is more important than ever to reach out to people, especially those with mental health problems. Me, on the other hand is fine, nothing has changed much in my world, other than Monkey being at … Continue reading

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No Change

With panic going on all around me, there is no change in my life, school is still open and I am still doing the school run, of course now there is an element of danger, so that is nice. Life … Continue reading

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CoronaVirus obligatory post

I was thinking about what I can do regarding the Coronavirus for other people, I am the least at risk person to get it, I am young enough, healthy and have a roof over my head and food in the … Continue reading

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Now I have stuck my head up

Now I have nearly caught up, I have been catching up with the news, Christ that was a mistake. Obviously there is the coronavirus going round, which if I was paranoid I would say was a way of the British … Continue reading

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