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FFS a rant

I am not having fun financially, we are just about keeping her heads above water as it stands. But its getting tough and its just gotten tougher. Today I recieved my ESA, its gone within 5 minutes and I wish … Continue reading

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This drives me fucking crazy

Today, I got a letter from the council, they have recalculated my housing benefit (again) This time it has dropped to nothing. Which means my council tax has gone up. We are not talking hundreds it is maybe an extra … Continue reading

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I think, just think I am back properly

I finally have broadband, well I am posting on my partners computer, which is amazingly fast compared to my little laptop. I feel I should start at the beginning, which was the move on Friday 31st August. For those who … Continue reading

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I don’t understand what their point is then

I wrote to my local councillors, I wasn’t sure which one was mine, so hedged my bets and put all three down. One wrote back saying trying the CAB (as though my first port of call was writing a damn … Continue reading

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