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I don’t need another soundbite

This time last year, the governments latest soundbite was no one left behind. For this I am not going to go on a rant about the over 3 million people who, a year later, still are not getting any support … Continue reading

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grrrr bloody benefits

Today for the first time I logged onto my rental account, hands up, first of all I haven’t done it since November, but since I knew my rent was going out of my bank account, I wasn’t too fussed at … Continue reading

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I am sure I did this last year

When I complained about my bins not being emptied, we have 3 big bins for over 20 flats, this year they were emptied before Christmas and then nothing, the bins were over flowing, people were dumping their trash bags on … Continue reading

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I had my meeting with the local councillor

On Sunday I met up with the local councillor. I will say he is lovely and very easy to talk to. I was very anxious about meeting him, I hate meeting people, but its for monkey We discussed a park … Continue reading

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In my last post….

I tried to explain the UKs local elections. One of the main reasons why I did this was because just before the local elections, I posted on facebook about the fact I was fairly pissed off that not one of … Continue reading

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You might not hear much from me today

Local elections were held all over the UK and Northern Ireland. I am so excited about it, maybe, just maybe there might be a shake up on a local level enough to pass shock waves through to a national level. … Continue reading

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Ranting away

I am fairly sure anyone who has read my blog for longer than a week, will know that I dislike our government (all of it) and have a special disdain for the Conservative party. Badly for me, I live in … Continue reading

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And on goes the fight

Just to give you an idea of how much the UK benefit system screws people over. Last year, I had an overpayment on my child tax credits, within days, they had set the system up to start taking payments out … Continue reading

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This drives me fucking crazy

Today, I got a letter from the council, they have recalculated my housing benefit (again) This time it has dropped to nothing. Which means my council tax has gone up. We are not talking hundreds it is maybe an extra … Continue reading

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Along with the moves, I have also had to keep an eye on what is happening with my PIP (disability allowance.) The simple answer is sweet fuck all   I was promised it would be less than 6 weeks, that … Continue reading

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