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Maybe I should just get a camper van

In the stress of trying to find somewhere else to live, I have been looking at other options. The council have to house me and monkey, but not my partner or my dog or my cats. They will house my … Continue reading

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So Frustrating

I wondered over to my council’s housing page today and they have not one but two, two bedroom houses, both will to take pets. Why is this frustarating? Because I still can’t bid on them, because they are still dragging … Continue reading

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Another letter another appointment

This morning the postman bought me 2 letters, one was a bill, the other was from the support group I have been referred to, telling me they are popping round in a week. I am not sure how I feel … Continue reading

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In Today’s News

I fucking hate my council. If you were ever unsure in any of my previous posts, I just want to make it clear how much I hate their red tape. To be fair the people I often speak to are … Continue reading

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I don’t understand what their point is then

I wrote to my local councillors, I wasn’t sure which one was mine, so hedged my bets and put all three down. One wrote back saying trying the CAB (as though my first port of call was writing a damn … Continue reading

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Moving the goal posts

I have been trying to contact my council with regards to housing, they keep moving the goal posts with when they can update my records. First I was not a priority, then they needed extra documents, then they said about … Continue reading

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Not the best timing really

I was sitting here thinking about moving, to be fair that is the main thing on my mind and at night, my mind always takes me to the worse case scenario, what hadn’t occurred to me was the timing, notice to … Continue reading

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