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Not sure that turned out the way I wanted

My mental health nurse, sent me an email last week and wanted to bring round a new support person. This guy is specifically to help me with my anxiety to try and get me out and about, which although I … Continue reading

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Its not a good morning

I woke up this morning and my mental health has taken a massive turn for the worse, I am struggling to get anything done, I am trying to get through it and carry on, but its slow going. Everything is … Continue reading

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This is not the place I wanted to be in

It finally happened, I knew it would one way or the other, it just didn’t go the way I wanted. I am back on my lovely sarcasm  downslide again. I am really struggling to think of anything good. I am … Continue reading

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Well this is weird

I got a letter from the crisis team, telling me when my next app is. I glanced at it but it didn’t really register, I looked at it again this morning, and realised that the date is the 5th July … Continue reading

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On Friday I decided to try a recipe I saw on a food blog Spicy Calamari Fry with Recheado Masala I love calamari so was excited to try this. I made my own recheado masala, which was a mistake. I say … Continue reading

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cookery links

Just a little reminder that this week is cookery, these guys I follow and read and try and copy some of their amazing receipes so here they all are. Please give just one of them a go

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Mental health care? Might as well go back to the stone age

Once a month I go to cmhs place to go see my shrink, its a massive hospital, with an inpatient word with 22 rooms. If you are wondering yes these buildings are all closed down. Today I turned up to … Continue reading

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