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I do a lot of things online, its easier for me, and it just involves opening the door. Normally my delivery drivers just knock and walk away which is easier. However I order some stuff on the internet and the … Continue reading

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*Reblog* Be Unique, Not a Jerk/Customer Etiquette: 10 Tips on How to Be a Good Customer

Originally posted on Andrew & Sarabeth:
I wrote this years back when I worked in retail. Remember, retail workers are people, too! As you gear up for your holiday shopping spree, keep in mind that as soon as you step…

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Amazon Saga continues

Here you can find all about the fun I have been having with Amazon, but now they have taken the biscuit, the presents I brought recently have been sent to my old address. Now before you all jump in and say … Continue reading

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The Amazon Saga

I explained here how great Amazon and their customer service was. Well, the money still hadn’t hit my account as of yesterday, so I rang them up explained the situation and they wondered off to find out what was happening. … Continue reading

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6 Simple Things To Remember While Shopping This Holiday Season

This, this and so this especially number 3, I refused to serve people who were that damn rude Dream Big, Dream Often credit: dailymail From my experience of working retail for nearly a decade, I would like to offer some … Continue reading

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Profits over Staff

I worked in the retail industry for nearly 13 years, actually worked for one main company and I saw that company go from being a customer focused caring about its staff, because happy staff make happy customers to a profit … Continue reading

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