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Sometimes it all just goes wrong.

On Tuesday’s Monkey has an afterschool club, I don’t pick him up till 4.20pm Apart from this Tuesday, where it had stopped, the first I knew about this was at 3.40pm when the school rang me, I had to make … Continue reading

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Going to have to do something about this

I completely forgot that on Monday’s Monkey has swimming lessons, so on Monday my day looks something like this. Travel 2.3 miles to monkey’s school Travel 2.3 miles back home Sit and wonder why I didn’t know I had those … Continue reading

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I maybe fitter than I thought

I went to pick monkey up this afternoon, I could have gotten the bus, but decided that the ten pounds it would cost me on a non air conditioned bus, I may as well do it for free on my … Continue reading

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What a bastard!!

Monkey and I are travelling along and I am starting to think my legs are never going to work again, when I am passed by a man on a bike. This is no normal bike, this bike has a child … Continue reading

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*Blog Share* View from the Back #89

I am a relative new coming to Sheree’s blog, my first impression of her is she does like her cycling. However she blogs about her travels and her life in France. Please go and say bonjour https://viewfromtheback.com/

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Was it the fates or my sub conscience?

I wrote this post yesterday I really didn’t want to go, but was going to make myself do it anyway. Then I only got 3 hours sleep last night and was late waking up to take Monkey to school. However … Continue reading

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Good News, Bad News,

This morning, we were running a bit late for the school run. However we managed to do it just in time. On the way back, I was on my bike and managed to do the 2.2 miles in just under … Continue reading

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I have found it….

For those who have been following me for a while, I am sure you will know I love a good moan. Part of how I motivate myself is being pissed off at something. Recently I have had a problem, there … Continue reading

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Was that a tad judgemental?

We were riding home from school, because I am on the pavement, I generally ride behind monkey, making sure he keeps away from the road. This works quite well, till we have to pass people and then its where we … Continue reading

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But I don’t want to get fit….

I like sitting on my arse I really do, but doing anything up to 8 miles of walking per day is bound to have some effect. 8 Miles is the maximum, but it is normally at least 4, I do … Continue reading

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