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This is getting silly now

I have a shop coming tomorrow, I looked at it today and have 50 items that have come off. I get that they are limiting things, I really do, but they have limited me to 3 loose carrots. I can … Continue reading

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But I want it right now!!!

Just got a call from the people delivering my new cooker, apparently it will be here between 5pm and 7pm. This is a tiny problem with everything I was intending to cook, taking hours and hours and hours. But also … Continue reading

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How did they run out?

This news story has made me laugh. KFC in the UK, for those who might not be aware KFC sell chicken, they are a fast food resturant, and when I say sell chicken, I am fairly sure that is all … Continue reading

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I do a lot of things online, its easier for me, and it just involves opening the door. Normally my delivery drivers just knock and walk away which is easier. However I order some stuff on the internet and the … Continue reading

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Do you remember that blog post, where I was very smug that I had finished my Christmas shopping well if you don’t here you go   It turns out I hadn’t. I was double checking all the presents and realised … Continue reading

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