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Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to the doctors we go

I am going to have to admit it, I am depressed, I am so low at the moment, that its difficult to pull myself up to do things. I spent Tuesday in bed. I keep being reminded that my situation … Continue reading

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Bad Timing

My partner losing his job was bad timing for many reasons, the main one being there is never a good time to lose his job. Its a bad time of the month for us moneywise, we usually have some money … Continue reading

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Down, down, down

I am still really struggling with our whole new normal. I just don’t get what I have done to piss off the universe so much. I cant see a way to navigate and I am really thinking what the fuck … Continue reading

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Mental Health Links Part 23

This week we are with mental health links, these guys all post about their mental health, tips that they have used to overcome and manage and the struggles they face. Pop over and say hello https://gettingsobernow.wordpress.com/ MIND OVER MATTER BLOG https://peacefrompanic.wordpress.com/Continue reading

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So back to feeling fine?

During the last 8 weeks, I like many other people have gone from fine to depressed to back to being fine but anxious then back to depressed. A whole range of emotions, some days it has been tough to even … Continue reading

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Let me take care of your worries so you can sleep

This is a new thing I am going to do, with everything that is going on, people are feeling anxious, worried and depressed. So, in I step. I have literally been preparing for this for 6 years now and as … Continue reading

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I must admit, I am struggling but I don’t know why, I am use to having extreme emotions for short periods, or my anxiety running for so long. But at the moment, I am just meh, I can’t seem to … Continue reading

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Oh buggery bullshit

I have my ESA assessment this week, ESA is a disability benefit, yep a year on and we are starting again. Its lovely a thing to start the New Year with and just what I have been desperate to do. … Continue reading

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Up and down and round I go

I must admit, I haven’t been doing too well over the last 4 days, my motivation has gone far far away and my anxiety has increased massively. I keep plodding on, in the hopes that tomorrow will be the day … Continue reading

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I think my brain did well

I must admit, when I think back to Christmas last year, I was struggling, not struggling struggling, but struggling. If that make sense. This year, Christmas lunch went bang to plan and I caught up on all my jobs on … Continue reading

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