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Let the week from hell start

Along with everything else going on, this week I am up to my neck in meetings, or it certainly feels that way, plus I need to start getting prepared for my tribunal on Monday, trying to do that with a … Continue reading

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Weekend update

Its not been a great weekend, my anxiety has been hitting the all time high, I have been barely coping and for the first time in a long time, not wanting to move from the sofa, just curl up and … Continue reading

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I am not ok and its ok to say that

I am not sure how much is anxiety or if I am actually ill, I am struggling to control my body tempature, I go from hot to cold in under 5 seconds. Last night was a nightmare. I am feeling … Continue reading

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Not a good day

I have not had a good day anxiety wise, I keep waiting for the cats to come in and looking for them, its weird because when they are here, I don’t tend to look for them, bit really feels like … Continue reading

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Yep we are getting there

Woke up this morning, in not a great place, I think a lot of things are getting on top of me, maybe, who knows. I will get through this and I know that, but what I want to do is … Continue reading

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Another day another meeting

It feels like at the moment my life is dominated by meetings, meetings with the housing, meetings with the mental health team, meetings with the family support. This one combined them all and for some reason I don’t think they … Continue reading

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Another day, another fuck up

I was due a benefit payment today and guess what, it didn’t appear, so we ring up to find out what is going on, to be told that apparently when a payment is due, it can go in at any … Continue reading

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