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I am not enjoying this

This morning, my partner got up with my son and took him to school and then went to work, leaving me fast asleep. I woke up at about 11 and then spent an hour staring at the clock. I am … Continue reading

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This is not the place I wanted to be in

It finally happened, I knew it would one way or the other, it just didn’t go the way I wanted. I am back on my lovely sarcasm  downslide again. I am really struggling to think of anything good. I am … Continue reading

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I am tired

just that really, its just coming up to 9.20am and normally I am starting to do things, its Thursday, so its time to sweep and mop and clean the kitchen but I have hit a brick wall and am just … Continue reading

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I will admit

I am struggling at the moment. But I can’t pinpoint the problem, I feel low, but not so low as to call it depression, I am anxious, but not so anxious. It feels like I am on a cliff edge … Continue reading

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So much to do so much too write so little time

I have a few drafts on the go at the moment and lots to say. This weekend was busy for us, I wasn’t feeling great and am still not feeling 100%, so it was hard to do everything I want … Continue reading

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*Blog Share* Headsqueeze #33

Chris is a very new blogger for me, but I love his description of his blog name “that’s kind of because when my mental illness gets particularly bad my head feels like its being squeezed so tight that it might … Continue reading

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Mental Health Part 11

We are coming to the end of the mental health links, who knows what we will go onto next. But for now, here are some amazing blogs, all documenting their mental health journey and a couple of other things https://nothingsgoing2change.com/Continue reading

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