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Here we go again

I have gotten my PIP (disability) benefit assessment through, its a week Friday, I really need to prepare for it, so I am writing a crib sheet. I really hate these assessments, but its got to be done. On the … Continue reading

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Today I am going to be…..

Sorting a lot of shit out and writing a shit ton of emails. For me personally I know my mental health is always worse when I am bouncing between depression and manic. One or the other I can cope with, … Continue reading

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I am not sure it is coming through properly?

Just how angry I am at this government for basically everything, probably the thing that annoys me the most is despite the shitfest that this year has been, with everything closing down. Mental health crisis is going to get worse. … Continue reading

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At least the DWP are still going.

With the pandemic sweeping the world, its good to know that the government are still doing assessments on people who receive PIP. I know this because I got a lovely letter form them, telling me I had to reapply. The … Continue reading

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*Reblog* How to Assist a Blind Person During Social Distancing

Originally posted on K Morris – Poet:
I received this message from the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (GDBA), the charity which trains guide dogs in the UK, and thought it would be of value to my readers as…

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*Press it* My Wife’s Mask for the Unmasking Brain Injury Project #78

This is such a powerful picture that sums up what living with a brain injury is like via My Wife’s Mask for the Unmasking Brain Injury Project

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Ok maybe some good news

I have been informed my PIP is for the 20th August. Of course this comes in the midst of moving, but, but its less than a month, which was better than I thought. Its less than a month wait as … Continue reading

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I am dangling

I phoned the tribunal court last Friday to try to get any information on when they were hearing my case. I get, when we have a date we will let you know. Its been nearly 6 months now and no … Continue reading

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Some good news, well I think

The government have decided to review all the PIP (disability benefits) claims. This is good news, because they decided that those with any health problems, didn’t need as much money, they didn’t take into account a lot of things for … Continue reading

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Blog Share Lifewithkatandcal #13

This is a very new blog to me, I have spent some time reading their posts and this couple are amazing in the face of overwhelming adversity. Please go and say hello About Us

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