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I am not sure it is coming through properly?

Just how angry I am at this government for basically everything, probably the thing that annoys me the most is despite the shitfest that this year has been, with everything closing down. Mental health crisis is going to get worse. … Continue reading

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Its an interesting thought

I have just been doing a survey, which asked me who did I think should be able to use disabled toilets and car park spaces. They had a range of illnesses and when I hit the mental health ones, it … Continue reading

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Ok maybe some good news

I have been informed my PIP is for the 20th August. Of course this comes in the midst of moving, but, but its less than a month, which was better than I thought. Its less than a month wait as … Continue reading

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A major rant

As I was cleaning the kitchen, I suddenly realised it had been a while since I heard anything from the tribunal about PIP (disability benefits). I grabbed the letter and double checked, its not written on there, but a little … Continue reading

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I have been thinking

After writing this yesterday, I have started wondering, and I think one of the reasons why I am struggling to find inspiration is because mentally I am on an even keel This is great, I much prefer being balanced than the … Continue reading

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