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Busy busy busy

Its a busy day for tomorrow, it terms of actually having to do things, I have the family support worker coming over tomorrow morning, she may have to work round me as its kitchen cleaning day and I want it … Continue reading

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*Reblog* Did You Know You Can Put This in a Dishwasher?

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There are some things I bet you didn’t know you could put in a dishwasher. No, not your furry friends….although the doggie is doing a pretty good pre-wash…hehe, just kidding. So here are some things you…

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*Press it* DIY Beeswax Food Wraps #27

I am all up for getting rid of plastics in the house, this seems like a really easy way. Thanks Chris  via DIY Beeswax Food Wraps

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Its the day

Ok so its only just turned the 6th here, but today is the day monkey was born. We have a shit load of plans, which is bad. Not only do we have to go get the food, napkins and cake … Continue reading

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It comes in threes

I mentioned a few weeks ago we had a broken washing machine, we managed to source another one fairly cheaper. However since the builders have been it no longer works. We are not sure what is wrong with it, our … Continue reading

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Is that me or the anxiety talking?

I mentioned the other day that we maybe going to Chessington  on Thursday, however I was reminded the other day that over the weekend, we have builder type people coming in to sort out the heating and give us a new … Continue reading

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This is not going well

Lets start with the bad news, I have managed to break my washing line, I am fairly sure it has happened because I put too much weight on it, when trying to dry things yesterday. I personally blame my poor … Continue reading

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