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I won?

I got through to the DWP about my PIP again today, there systems has been updated, so they told me what I was entitiled to, the backpay and how long it is going to last. Firstly, let me say, no … Continue reading

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No, no, no, I am busy

Last night I got a text from Monkey’s best friend’s mum, asking if Monkey wanted to come over today. My problem is I am mentally exhausted, we are trying to get out once a day into town to take charity … Continue reading

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I think I have figured out how to help.

As someone with mental health problems, I do my best to avoid triggers and try and do what I can to get myself into a good mental space to continue to improve, so I can get a job, get back … Continue reading

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I can just feel this is going to go wrong

As I write this its Tuesday morning, I am meant to be sent a link to my tribunal today before 6pm. If I dont get this, it means I am going to have to try and sort it thursday and … Continue reading

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Up and down and round and round

This weekend, has been a bit wierd. On Friday I found out that my PIP (disability benefit) is being stopped, this is before I have been assessed. They are running about 3 months behind due to the pandemic, but because … Continue reading

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I am not sure it is coming through properly?

Just how angry I am at this government for basically everything, probably the thing that annoys me the most is despite the shitfest that this year has been, with everything closing down. Mental health crisis is going to get worse. … Continue reading

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At least the DWP are still going.

With the pandemic sweeping the world, its good to know that the government are still doing assessments on people who receive PIP. I know this because I got a lovely letter form them, telling me I had to reapply. The … Continue reading

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Oh come on, there is only so much

Today I was meant to receive a benefit, (ESA) I checked at midnight and then checked at 2am and it still hadn’t hit my bank account.   This would normally not be a major problem, but I did the smart … Continue reading

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I have been through the fires of hell and survived

Ok, maybe a tad over dramatic, but that cold was bad. I am still sniffling, but I no longer feel sick when I move or dizzy when I stand up. Monkey did end up catching it, but not as bad … Continue reading

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The reason I am angry at the Government

I want to try and describe the reasons as to why I am angry at the Government for the benefit system we have in place, and to be fair its not just this Government its the opposition as well, who … Continue reading

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